The trend of looking good and stay healthy is blooming not only in American or European countries but also in Asian countries like India.

Fitness industry is blooming and providing a great platform to athletic, gymnast, powerlifter etc. Also it is adding a vacancies in the section of job.

Zumba, salsa, cross fit , Pilates, weightlifting and grouped exercise programme  are some segments it is categorised into.

To add luxury many gyms added steam and spa section. During 2020 it was one the industry that has a major hit of covid 19 pandemic. The American chain of international fitness centre Gold gym filled for chapter 11 bankruptcy also the India's most recognized fitness brand cult fit lay off approximately thousand of his employees, They were running out of business. But in 2021 we could able to see amazing comeback.


Eat right, work hard, sleep well.


Half of the battle can easily be won if we  know what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.

The nutritional value of food cannot be defined by what it is made up of but how it is made of.

For example : Both jaggery and sugar is made up of sugarcane juice. But jaggery is healthy whereas sugar is not.

Also both refined wheat floor(maida) and whole wheat floor (aata) are made from wheat. But aata is healthy whereas maida is not.

In same way black tea and coffee is healthy but if add milk and sugar to it , it will be no longer called a health drink.

We have checked what to eat and how to eat, but it's equally important to know how much to eat.

Jaggery is healthy but if we exceed the required quantity, it may cause loss instead of benefit. 

The next important factor is glycemic index of the food. Get more focused on the food that has low glycemic index.

PH level balance is another important factor that help you to keep fit and energetic.

It also help in removing toxins from the body. The body should not be too acidic or to alkalized. The PH level can range from 0, i.e too acidic to 14 i.e too alkaline. 

Ideally it should be between between 7.35 to 7.45. That is slightly towards alkaline. Can have a glass of lemon water in the morning as lime is citric acid but alkaline in nature.

WORK HARD πŸ‹️‍♂️ 

We must know our body type and goal before we hit the gym. For beginners a good and certified trainer is always recommended. 

As doing the wrong exercise not only led to injury but also treat your muscle inappropriately that may led to improper muscle growth. Also do a proper warm before we go for intense workout or heavyweight.

We must always keep in mind that muscle doesn't grow in a single day , need time and patience with hardwork.


The last but not the least factor for muscle growth is sleep. It is the most easy but challenging factor for some. 

It only require a discipline. A sound sleep can do wonders. It help to repair the tissue and helps in muscle growth.

Few things we need to keep in mind for fruitful sleep. Avoid beverages like tea or coffee. 

Also try  to avoid irate soft drinks. Can replace it with cocoa. In terms of cold coffee or hot chocolate but make sure sugar must very limited, as it is an artificial sweetener and is not healthy at all but can go for 5 grams in a day. 

If you are coffee or tea lover can have that in small amount in the morning  but after breakfast.

If your metabolism is slow a cup of black coffee just 15-20 minutes before the  workout can do wonder. But never ever go for it before you sleep as it will disturb your sleep. Not an ideal drink for sound sleep. 

You can go for very small amount of jaggery and fennel after your dinner and before you go to sleep. There must be atleast an hour difference between your Dinner and sleep.

If possible try a 10 min night walk after dinner and before you go to sleep. Also take melatonin supplement of 2-3mg for a sound sleep and muscle recovery but consult your doctor first. 

When you sleep make sure it's totally dark. Make sure your night cloth is not tight, can wear light loose cotton nightwear . Let's allow your skin to breath too. 

To get the maximum benefit of fitness mantra you need to understand your body first, it's metabolism level and how it react to certain foods.

My body react more towards caffeine , i avoid coffee as it effect last upto 12 hours.

For some it reacts hardly and for some it hardly reacts.

This is my first ever blog and covered the basic but useful information about health and fitness, Hoping it will be beneficial to all the readers and fitness lovers❤.

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How you can check if it's genuine πŸ‘or fakeπŸ‘Ž ?

What is the best supplement as per your  body type and goal?

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